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About this site...

...or: Why exactly MR.BIG...?

Oh, I know, it may sounds like a subject for a composition for attentive secondary school pupil! Nothing more erroneous. For those not knowing MR. BIG so well, it's a trial of presentation of this most imporatant heavy-rock group of all times. The group which at the turn of 80's and 90's had shaken the whole world of rock (and not only rock) music. Thanks to the charismatic boys forming the band, thier genius and spark found nowhere else in any band - they become a living legend.

Why am I calling this a "trial"? Because no words, even the most beautifull and ideally assorted, have no chance to describe the virtue caressing out hearing starting from the very first note. Because no sentence can render the pleasure of listening to argute, keen voice of Eric Martin, or vibrating guitar of Paul Gilbert.

It is impossible to describe the heartbeat, which changes it's rhythm when Pat Torpey starts to play TAKE COVER, and life inflowing into my veins with every bass tone from Billy Sheehan's guitar. Not even mentioning ravishing bluesy style of Richie Kotzen.

But those knowing and loving MR.BIG since many years like I, and devoting them with great willingness and love a big part of their life - they do know what am I talking about.

Only talking about MR.BIG is like talking about refined precious vine, about the taste and bouquet dancing in the goblet, but keeping the full bottle beyond our reach.

So I invite You to take any CD of MR.BIG - my suggestion is to start from the beginning, meaning "MR. BIG", put it on to Your player, press play, and taking the joy of listening with You, slowly dive into our webpage. You may be interested in looking into our gallery where theay are on their own, but also together. You may download some skins, wallpapers, screensavers, and even hear some samples of rare MR.BIG and Eric Martin compositions (but remember buying CD after listening to them!). And of course, You will likely go to our link-page, where You can find many interviews, where You can find why and how TO BE WITH YOU conquered the world and to this day occupy the box offices as the most beautifull rock ballad, how wonderful were the concerts and fans in US, Japan and Europe, what they do in the trips between the shows, and how they breed a true rock composition.

And even more more personal stuff about Eric, Pat, Billy, Paul and Richie. It is, for sure, not all. There are links to sites with photos, autorized sites, tebulatures and chords for guitarists. Anyone of you knowing a good site not listed on our links page - send us the address so we can include it there! We have consistently updated lyrics chapter with band lyrics, but also with lyrics to solo performances. Here we also ask for help in this topic. If you know/transcribed something rare or unavailable on our pages - share it with the comunity! - we will give credit.

Anyone, who loves rock, will find something for him/her in their awesome, incredible, energic and delightful music. Not the one guitaris will stand open-mouthed listening Paul's guitar solos, seeing his fingers dancing with ease on the strings. But, nothing comes alone! Read how many hours Paul devoted to his beloved instrument. :)

When I listen to Eric's voice, uncomparable with others, errorless, rough and thrilling, I feel how every sing note embraces into wringing emotions. Nobody before hime has ever reach so deep into my heart. And I know, that not only my heart was so deeply touched.

Billy is the idol of almost all bass players, and the absolute master of bass playing. This man is able to play bass with almost all parts of the body with such a virtua that our jaws reach our feet. Don't you believe? See for example Mr. BIG Live video!

What about Pat? He is the king of rhythm, tying together vocal with melodic lines. Without him the aforementioned hits like Take Cover, Addicted To That Rush or Hiding Place and of course all others for sure won't be created, and for sure they wouldn't sound so perfect.

Richie Kotzen still Mr.Big but a little bluesy later years, but on the Actual Size he finally show'd his guitar claw!

I could list a million things, which Mr. Big may be loved for. Together they are always a pack of four (well, five) virtuosos and absolute masters of the kind (and off the kind also).

This website was born from the love and admiration to Mr. Big, and the music they were creating. For us, as so to many of you, unable to agree with their breaking up, they are still together and always be.

One more important thing. Speaking as the voice of all fans I'd like to thank for the miracle of Mr.BIG, their music, and for all they have brought to the Rock and Roll history.

Mr. BIG - for us, You will be forever!

This site is dedicated to:

  • Mr. BIG, and the band members
  • the fans community
  • ...and Patti (she'll know)